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Why Wachee?


  • Currently, Wachee supports Netflix and Hulu. If you are interested in any other streaming channels, please contact us at

  • The Wachee icon is on only when the extension is connected. So if the icon is marked as off, make sure you’re connected to Wachee and on the right website.

  • At the moment, Wachee only supports Netflix and Hulu. Please contact us at if you are interested in any other channels.

  • We have researched and found out that these locations that we offer have the most popular movies and TV shows between every Netflix library. Also, by combining these locations, our users can have access to more than 93% of the global Netflix content.

  • Wachee is designed to work only on Chrome. To install the Wachee extension, visit and click on the “Download for Free” button. You can also go to Chrome Web Store and click “Add to Chrome” to install it.