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Why Wachee?


Access Streaming Content Everywhere

Easy Setup

Add it to your Chrome by clicking on the download link, then open the extension, enter your email address and verify it through the mailed link. Enjoy streaming!

Streaming Specific

Wachee Extension only works on streaming websites (US Netflix & Hulu) and has no impact on any other website’s traffic.

Smart Routing

You do not need to change the location to access the other streaming services, Wachee will automatically do it for you.

Same Time Streaming

You can watch US streaming channel in one tab and UK’s in another tab. Both will work at the same time.

Free Streaming

You can have access to our supported streaming service and watch you movies for free. You have a 10-day free trial to test out service in HD as well.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can request a refund anytime for any reason and we will refund all of you past 10 days payments.

10-Day Trial

When you order our high speed service, you will have a 10-day testing time for free to make sure our service is working properly as we promised.

No Log, No Personal Info

We do not need to collect any extra information (such as your name, phone number, location, browsing history, etc.). You just have to verify your email address.

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