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Why Wachee?


Trying to watch a certain movie or show but it isn’t available in your region?
Wachee, Netflix VPN.


Wanna watch Hulu originals and live TV even though you’re not in America?
Wachee, Hulu VPN.

BBC iPlayer

Can’t access your favorite shows and documentaries because you’re on a trip?

Geo-Restricted Streaming Content


Hulu is only available in the United States, BBC iPlayer works only in the UK and Netflix US library has 57% more Movies and TV shows than others.


Wachee is a smart Netflix VPN that supports Hulu and BBC iPlayer as well. With VPNs, you can change your virtual geographical location to access any geo-blocked content. Wachee automatically changes your virtual location so you can access those streaming services anywhere.

Unblock Streaming Websites


Streaming websites like BBC iPlayer, Hulu and Netflix might be blocked in your country by the government, your ISP or network administrator.


Wachee will unblock these streaming services by encrypting all of your streaming data. And your streaming activity will be completely private.

Proxy Error


What is a proxy error and how can you fix it? If you see this error in your streaming service it means your IP or your VPN provider’s IP is blocked by Netflix or other streaming services.


You can solve this by using a Netflix VPN. By adding Wachee to your Chrome, you can watch Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer without any proxy errors.


Streaming Exclusive

Wachee only works on specific streaming websites and has no impact on any other website’s traffic.

Smart Routing

You do not need to change proxy locations to access other streaming services, Wachee will automatically do it for you.

Simultaneous Streaming

You can watch a US streaming channel in one tab and UK’s in another tab. Both will work at the same time.

Enjoy streaming without any restriction or censorship. Wachee is Fast and Stable.

Add Wachee to Chrome, It's free!

How Wachee Works

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Start with Free Mode to test the functionality.



Choose Premium for smooth and high-quality streaming.

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What People Think About Wachee
User reviews for Wachee Streaming VPN for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu

Dafuegog: Great extension! Really useful and works on networks with firewall! Recommend it since its the only extensions that works unblocking websites on School and Work!

User reviews for Wachee Streaming VPN for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu

David Ridley: Wachee is a great extension to unblock American Netflix. I used it while I was travelling to Europe. The speed for the free mode wasn't very good but I bought the weekly subscription and it had little to no speed drop. And the prices are far more better than any VPN I have ever used. I definitely recommend trying Wachee.

User reviews for Wachee Streaming VPN for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu

Harun Arain: One of a kind VPN that unblocks for a good price with good quality