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Unblock US Netflix and Other Streaming Services

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Wachee Extension

A free Netflix VPN added to your browser! Stream anywhere you are without speed drop!

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We’re bringing the simplicity of Wachee to your phone! A Netflix VPN right in your pocket!

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YouTube Unblocker Extension

If your ISP has blocked YouTube, just click one button and YouTube is there again! Learn more

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Trying to watch a certain movie or show but it isn’t available in your region? Wachee.


Wanna watch Hulu originals and live TV even though you’re not in America? Wachee.

Unblocker for BBC iPlayer

Whether your ISP has blocked BBC iPlayer or your network administrator has restricted access to BBC iPlayer. Learn more

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Unblock US Netflix


Netflix or other streaming services might be blocked in your country by the government, your ISP or your network administrator.


A Netflix VPN such as Wachee will unblock these streaming services by encrypting all of your streaming data. So your streaming activity will be completely anonymous.

Proxy Error


What is a proxy error and how can you fix it? If your Netflix says “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” it means your IP or your VPN provider’s IP is blocked by Netflix. Will a Netflix VPN help?


Of course! By adding Wachee to your Chrome or installing Wachee on your Android device, you can watch Netflix and Hulu without any proxy errors.

Access More Movies & TV Shows on Netflix


Access More Movies & TV Shows on Netflix: All of Netflix’s movies and TV shows are not available internationally, for example, the number of available titles in the Canadian Netflix is a lot less than the titles available in the American Netflix. The same thing goes for other countries as well, countries like the UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, etc.


Wachee combines your region’s Netflix with American Netflix. Connect Wachee and watch all the movies that are available in US Netflix or disconnect Wachee and stream the content of your region’s Netflix.

Geo-Restricted Streaming Content


Some of Netflix’s movies and TV shows are specific to US Netflix. Hulu is only available in the United States.


Wachee is a smart Netflix VPN. With VPNs, you can change your virtual geographical location to access any geo-blocked content. Wachee automatically changes your virtual location so you can access those streaming services anywhere.


Install & Stream

There is absolutely nothing you should do after installing Wachee, just click on a button and stream.


You do not need to change Wachee’s location to access other streaming services. Wachee will automatically change servers depending on what streaming service you want to watch.

High-Quality Servers

Wachee’s servers are some of the best servers around the world for streaming. Wachee will automatically connect you to the nearest server so you won’t experience any latency at all.

Enjoy streaming without any restriction or censorship. Wachee is Fast and Stable.

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What People Think About Wachee
User reviews for Wachee Streaming VPN for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu

Atzziri Pena: It's a really good app and it actually works well, I was a bit surprised because most VPNs don't work.

User reviews for Wachee Streaming VPN for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu

David Ridley: Wachee is a great extension to unblock American Netflix. I used it while I was traveling to Europe. The speed for the free mode wasn't very good but I bought the weekly subscription and it had little to no speed drop. And the prices are far better than any VPN I have ever used. I definitely recommend trying Wachee.

User reviews for Wachee Streaming VPN for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu

Harun Arain: One of a kind VPN that unblocks for a good price with good quality