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The most simple and elegant way to unblock US Netflix is now on Android!

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What if you’re in school and the network administrator has blocked access to Netflix? Well, now you can download Wachee on your Android phone, and watch your favorite TV series!

Not every VPN for Android works on Netflix, especially while using cellular data. Wachee guarantees that you will not encounter Netflix’s proxy error while streaming. Wachee’s Android app only supports US Netflix and is the simplest way to watch US Netflix on your Android device. You can open the Netflix app from Wachee after connecting so you don’t have to move a finger.

Wachee’s Beta version will only support SD quality and will be free to use for everyone. Other functionalities and users currently using the extension will be added to the Android app in future updates for more convenience. Stay tuned to see the greatest Netflix VPN on Android!

Get it on Google Play