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Why Wachee?

What is Wachee?

Wachee is a chrome extension, you easy add it to your chrome browser and then you will be able to watch US Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Hulu everywhere. Watch the streaming channel and using the VPN is not illegal in many countries. Wachee is an exclusive VPN for Streaming, with wachee you can stream Safely without encountering Proxy error.

Why Wachee?

Wachee is an exclusive solution to unblock any streaming services and makes it super easy for you to watch your favorite channels everywhere. As Netflix blocks the VPNs regularly, you may not enjoy to use VPNs that advertise on "Netflix VPN". With Wachee, you will never see the bloody famous “proxy error” that VPN users face with it. It is super easy to use and needs no complicated registration. Finally, We promise to improve our performance continually and update our product features for free to help you have a better streaming experience.

Wachee Story

My name is Mohsen , I’m the founder of wachee. Streaming is my hobby and it's a part of my life . Actually, I decided to make Wachee for personal use in 2016 after I traveled from Brooklyn(US) to london (UK). Imagine that you are not able to watch your favorite Netflix series, the UK Netflix kids also was not as rich as the US one and its makes Susan( My little daughter ) angry. On my first long journey outside the USA, my family and I had an awful experience and spent more than $50 to find a reliable VPN for netflix. At last, I became familiar with BBC iPlayer ( an amazing streaming service only available in UK ). These days, I watch iPlayer and US netflix everywhere because I create a wachee.