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Why Wachee?

How to watch US Netflix
with Wachee VPN

Secure and simple solution for Netflix’s largest library. Get set up and working in seconds.

Get a VPN and watch American Netflix in 3 quick steps

Download Wachee from Chrome Web Store.

Open the extension and click on connect.

Log in to your existing Netflix account.

Get the fastest speeds for Netflix streaming

A huge problem with VPNs is that they affect your internet speed. Even if you want to use the VPN for Netflix, you have to tunnel your whole computer through the VPN server. This will result in a speed loss, whether you are checking your emails or even downloading an application.

To cope with this problem, we have come up with a simple but effective solution. To tunnel only Netflix through our servers. So Netflix thinks you’re in America, but your other open tabs, windows, and applications are working as normal. This way, you won’t experience a speed loss.

Different download speeds can result in different Netflix video qualities. Netflix’s speed recommendations are:

Speed (kbps)QualityWachee Service
500Minimum qualityFree
1500Normal qualityless than 480pFree
3000SD quality480p or betterFree
5000HD quality720p or better10-day Free Trial
25000Ultra HD quality1080p or betterPremium

FAQ: How to watch Netflix with Wachee

Does Wachee come with a Netflix account?

No. We’re assuming you already have one, or that you will sign up for one yourself. Wachee does not come with a Netflix account, and it is not a replacement for Netflix. Rather, it complements your existing Netflix account to help you watch content at blazing-fast speed.

What devices can I watch American Netflix on?

You can watch U.S. Netflix in the following ways:
  • On your laptop/desktop using our extension on Chrome for Mac / Windows / Linux / Chromebook.
  • On your Android smartphone/tablet using our free app.

Will a VPN slow my Netflix streaming?

Since Wachee only works on Netflix, it will not affect your web browsing and will not slow your internet speed at all.

Can I use free DNS codes or proxies for Netflix?

Probably not a good idea. Free DNS codes found on the internet often don’t work, and they might send your traffic to a server that could log your data and expose you to attacks. Proxy servers, meanwhile, are slow, insecure and prone to interrupted connections. When it comes to Netflix, you’re much better off with Wachee, which is made exclusively for streaming.

What else can I do with Netflix?

Tons! Using a VPN is the best way to expand your Netflix experience, but it isn’t the only one. Learn about Netflix's secret codes and how they can unlock more movies that you’d want to watch. Check out this handy guide.

Netflix is not working. What should I do?

For problems with accessing US Netflix, please contact our Support Team by email or our contact us form.

Unblock Netflix throttling by your ISP

As video streaming services like Netflix have gotten more popular, some internet service providers (ISPs) have started inspecting data packets and intentionally restricting customers’ bandwidth if they see Netflix traffic.
A VPN solves this problem by hiding your traffic in an encrypted tunnel. ISPs can’t read your traffic, so they can’t discriminate based on content. The result is faster download speeds and no buffering.
You can learn more about Net Neutrality here.

Why use Wachee for streaming?

Free mode

Watch US Netflix for free with our forever free plan.

Fast connection

Get blazing speeds and minimal latency with our faultless servers.

Unlimited bandwidth

You can binge-watch your favorite Netflix series to your heart’s content.

10-day money-back guarantee

If you’re not happy watching Netflix with Wachee after10 days, we’ll give you your money back.