Netflix movies that help decrease stress and anxiety

Is stress good or bad?

We all experience stress and anxiety in our lives. Feeling stressed or anxious is not always bad. In fact, there are times that they can help you overcome challenges or hardships and dangerous situations. Examples of these situations include: having a job interview, a big test, or participating in certain social events. However, Chronic stress is not at all good for your mental and physical health. It puts you at increased risk of many problems like depression, digestive problems, sleep problems, heart disease, weight gain, headaches, memory, and concentration impairment.

Since 2019, the Covid-19 outbreak has caused many people to experience more stress than ever. This could increase the importance of learning ways of managing your stress and anxiety so that they will not ruin your lives.

Tips to overcome stress and anxiety:

Although when your stress becomes out of control, it might be better to reach out for help and see a therapist, there are techniques to help you manage your stress before it comes to that level. Let’s name some of them:

  • Healthy eating: Avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol and have a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • Meditating
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Having a regular exercise routine
  • Spending time with a friend
  • Writing down your thoughts and feelings
  • Devoting specific times to your hobbies in your plans

Could watching movies reduce your stress?

Well, the answer is yes, and we have already talked about that in this article: “How watching movies can reduce stress

As we have discussed in the mentioned article, there are ways that movies can affect your mind and body to relieve your stress. However, not all kinds of movies have this potential. In fact, horror movies or action ones can even make you feel more stressed. So, we need to know exactly which films could be effective on this matter.

Some of the Netflix movies that you could pick when you are feeling stressed:

  • Queer Eye
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
  • Jane the Virgin
  • About Time
  • Parks and Recreation
  • The Good Place
  • Always Be My Maybe
  • The Chef Show
  • Set It Up
  • The Office
  • Friends

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