How To Watch American Netflix In Canada

There’s a huge difference between US Netflix and it’s sibling, Canadian Netflix. Although Canadian Netflix has expanded its library in the past few years, still, US Netflix has a much bigger library. Famous TV shows like Parks and Recreation, Dexter, Cheers, and Frasier are available in US Netflix but Canadians do not have access to them in their Netflix.

In spite of these and other differences, the price for Canadian and US Netflix are the same. And all of this difference because of a few miles?

Unfortunately, yes. Netflix cannot show every movie and TV show it has to every country. This is because of distribution laws. Different movies and TV shows have different copyright holders in each country, so it is illegal for Netflix to air these shows in every country. That’s why Netflix has different libraries for different countries.

But guess what? This problem can be bypassed; with a VPN!

Since Netflix bans most of the VPNs, you can’t use just any VPN to access US Netflix. You need a VPN that can circumvent Netflix’s anti-VPN measures, a VPN which is 3 steps ahead of Netflix.

Only a handful of VPNs have this ability. Wachee is one of them. Wachee can unblock US Netflix from anywhere around the world with the best speed possible.

So you can access everything on US Netflix with Wachee, and your own Canadian Netflix when Wachee is disconnected!

Now you can get your money’s worth!

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