How to Unblock BBC iPlayer with Wachee

BBC iPlayer is an internet streaming, catchup, television, and radio service from the BBC. But only users from inside the UK can stream with iPlayer. So if you’re not from the UK and want to bypass this geo-restriction, you have to use a VPN.

Unblocker for BBC Player will help you with that.

How to Install Wachee

Wachee is the easiest VPN you can use for streaming. So, even installing and creating an account is easy!

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store and download Unblocker for BBC Player on your Chrome
  2. After installation, open the extension and start streaming!

Just remember, you can only stream for 20 minutes per day with your free account. To have unlimited access you can buy the Premium service.

Now that Unblocker for BBC Player is installed, let’s get started on setting up your BBC iPlayer account.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create BBC iPlayer Account

Make sure Wachee is connected and go to

First, choose your age.

BBC iPlayer Signup

Enter your date of birth.

BBC iPlayer Signup

Fill the form below and choose the United Kingdom as your country. After that, you’ll need to provide a valid UK postcode (preferably from London if you don’t live in the UK).

BBC iPlayer Signup

You can choose to subscribe to their newsletter if you want. Then click on “Continue.”

BBC iPlayer Signup

Congratulations! Your registration is complete.

Upon streaming for the first time, you will be asked if you have a TV License:

BBC iPlayer TV License

You just have to select ‘I have a TV License. Watch now.’ There is no kind of verification, and your stream will just start.

Troubleshooting BBC iPlayer VPN Detection

The BBC iPlayer will suspect that a VPN is being used if too many users visit the website from the same server using shared IP addresses. Therefore, it moves to ban the VPN from accessing its site.

BBC iPlayer Proxy Error

If you are using a VPN and this happens, you can try one of these actions:

  • Hard reload your streaming website by pressing Ctrl/Command + Shift + R or by holding the Shift button and clicking on the Reload button.
  • Close your iPlayer tab > Reconnect Wachee > Open another iPlayer tab > Hard reload it a few times to make sure there is no cache left.

If you still can’t watch BBC iPlayer, right-click on the Wachee icon and click on “Manage extensions”. After that, turn on the “Allow in incognito” in the setting page. Then you can open a BBC iPlayer tab, sign in, and stream BBC iPlayer as usual in the incognito window.

BBC iPlayer is an amazing streaming service and unblocking it has never been easier.

Download Unblocker for BBC Player and Stream On!

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