Things to do during the Coronavirus lockdown

As millions of people all over the world remain under quarantine in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, a new problem is emerging: boredom. 

Despite being confined indoors during the Coronavirus outbreak, there are still lots of things you can do to overcome the boredom and tedium of spending days stuck at home. Here we got a few tips for you. So… let’s go for it:

Start your day positively

Starting your day positively can result in higher productivity and gives you more energy during the day. Probably, many of you are working from home and have extra time to lie-in before you sit down at your new makeshift home office set-up. But we advise you not to do so. One of the most important things to overcome boredom during these days is to avoid changing your routines. So, wake up properly (make sure to get seven or eight hours of sleep), make your bed, take a shower, have a real breakfast, and set up your goals for the day before you start your job.

Workout Routines

Stay healthy and active by doing exercises. You don’t have to change your exercise routine just because of gyms being closed during the Coronavirus lockdown. Exercising releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone that keeps you happy throughout the day. There are so many applications for Yoga exercises or intense aerobics. You could also check for YouTube videos about the exercises you can do from home.


One of the best habits you can resume or improve during the quarantine is reading. Reading develops our thoughts and keeps our minds active. Take advantage of all this free time during the coronavirus lockdown and make a good list of the books you always wanted to read. Now that many bookshops are closed, e-books could be a good choice too.

Watch movies and TV shows

Movies are among the best choices that amuse people when they get bored. Watching new movies with family is a great way to spend time during the quarantine.

You might think that you have watched all the good Netflix movies and there is no more attractive option for you, but the US Netflix has added so many movies, series, and TV shows during the Coronavirus lockdown. Also, Netflix has prepared a complete list of the top 10 movies in each country, which is updated daily, and you can enjoy watching them.

If you live outside of the United States and would like to access more content and watch American Netflix, you could subscribe to one of our Premium plans to access US Netflix. In addition to Netflix, if you use Wachee extension, you can also access the Hulu streaming service, which also has good movies and TV series. We have written a whole article on Hulu which you can read. Wachee has prepared a complete list of movies that are not available in your country and you can only watch them using Wachee. You can access the list through this link:

Also, you can access the BBC iPlayer streaming service using our “Unblocker for BBC iPlayer” extension. Learn more about BBC iPlayer and our unblocker for it in our BBC iPlayer article.

Enjoy your moments with Wachee!

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