What our users say about their experience with Wachee (Part 2)

Netflix for kids

A father from the USA: last winter we were planning to travel to the UK for the Christmas holidays. Having three kids near in age, traveling is always a big challenge for me and my wife. When we go on a trip, especially at night in the hotel, we have to entertain them by watching cartoons and that’s why we have a Netflix subscription. But when I opened Netflix at the hotel to find a good cartoon for the kids, I was surprised to see that the number of available movies and TV shows was so much fewer than the time I subscribed to Netflix. I hadn’t noticed that the Netflix library varies from country to country.

My wife knew about this and suggested we use a VPN to access the American library, so we started searching for a good VPN that doesn’t cost a lot. I saw a lot of people talking about Wachee VPN on YouTube. They said it has a good and stable connection. So I decided to test it and wow, it really was as good as they said! From that time on, I always use it whenever I leave the US and it always works perfectly!

Watch US Netflix in Canada

Jessica from Canada: I recently bought a Netflix subscription to watch movies and TV series in my spare time. I had already heard that Netflix has region restrictions, but I didn’t know and couldn’t even guess that there might be such a big difference between US Netflix and CA Netflix. I wanted to watch “The Office (US)” but it wasn’t available in Canada! I know that this is something related to copyright holders but I can’t accept the fact that I am paying the same price as someone in the US but don’t have access to so many movies or series he or she could watch! So I started looking for a good VPN that doesn’t cost a lot.

I found some free VPNs but they didn’t work properly and sometimes didn’t connect at all! Finally, I found Wachee VPN that works exclusively for unblocking US Netflix which has the best library. It has a really good connection and no speed drop. Thanks to Wachee I can finally watch “The Office (US)” before they remove it from Netflix.

Net neutrality

Alan says: I am a big fan of Netflix but my biggest problem is that my ISP is throttling my connection to Netflix. I contacted them several times complaining about the buffering and slow speed of Netflix movies, but their solutions weren’t really helpful.

Imagine that you are so excited to watch the new episode of your favorite series and it takes forever to load! I chose to change my ISP but found out that it costs a lot, so I searched the web to see if there is a cheaper solution. I saw there were many people having the same issue and claimed that they could fix it using a VPN. Someone suggested Wachee VPN and said it works perfectly for the US Netflix. So I installed it and YES, it was really amazing! My Netflix speed has been increased and there’s no more buffering. I don’t have any problem watching movies on Netflix anymore!

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