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Why are there differences between US and Canadian Netflix libraries?

Netflix cannot show every movie and TV show it has to every country. This is because of distribution laws. Different movies and TV shows have different copyright holders in each country, so it is illegal for Netflix to air these shows in every country. That’s why Netflix has different libraries for different countries.

How to stream American Netflix in Canada in 3 quick steps

1. Easily install Wachee from the Chrome Web Store

2. Sign in to your existing Netflix account

3. Watch US exclusive movies and TV shows

How to watch Netflix with Wachee

Wachee will only change your virtual location on Netflix, so nothing will be changed about your account. It will only give you access to movies and TV shows that are available in the US and not available in Canada. With Wachee, you will be able to switch between US and Canadian Netflix only by one click; connect Wachee and use US Netflix and disconnect it and watch Canadian.

Click here to see the list of US-exclusive movies that you can watch with Wachee.

What I missed in Canadian Netflix

Famous movies & TV shows like Parks and Recreation, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Episodes, and V for Vendetta are available in US Netflix but Canadians do not have access to them in their Netflix.
You can check out the full list here.


Why do I need Wachee to unblock US Netflix?

By installing Wachee, you can have access to hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows that you couldn’t stream before with your account. Without the need of creating another account, or paying a penny.

What should I do to use Wachee?

You just have to download Wachee and install it on your Chrome browser or your Android device. Then you just connect Wachee and stream.

Can I return to Canadian Netflix?

Yes, disconnect Wachee and you will be back to Canadian Netflix that was always there.

Should I create a new Netflix account?

If you already have a Netflix account there is no need. But Wachee does not provide a Netflix account for you. You have to create one if you don’t have one.

To bypass the geo-restrictions set by Netflix, use Wachee and unblock a world of movies and TV shows. Get access to a lot more movies just by clicking one button.
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